Pastor Yiga Michael


Center for hope in Christ ministries was officially opened on 15th may 2010 by Pastor Yiga Michael together with his wife and the church.

After the pastor had sought the Lord  for a long time in prayer and fasting,  he got a vision that  so many God’s people were hopeless due to lack of the truth of the word of God. He went ahead and prayed together with a handful of the congregation who had caught the vision fire.

I remember after 40days of prayer and fasting at Kabowa, Najja High the Lord sent to me His servant alongside my friend with the prophetic message, that “The Lord tells you to start serving Him in a special way.”

We started with a few faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord and we have seen the hand of the Lord in our ministry.

God has also used our unity, commitment to the ministry generosity and love for one another as a body of believers.


Center for hope in Christ ministries is under the leadership of Pastor Yiga Michael, supported by his wife Anisha Yiga and a team of leaders plus ministry helpers. There are leaders in charge of praise and worship Team, children’s ministry, ushering Team, women’s ministry and finances. Together we make it happen.


Pastor Yiga Michael, founder of center for hope in Christ ministries has been in ministry for almost two decades. The lord called me when I was in the days of my youth in 1989.I worked with the Masaka Christians fellowship where God used me mightily in the area of prayer, evangelism and intercession, and in the year 2002, I was elected by the leaders/pastors from Masaka District to be their representative for the revival prayers in the city of Harare Zimbabwe. From there, God used me so much in opening prayer alters and in that signs and wonders were happening. I went ahead with my carpentry while serving God too.

Since the lord called me to give hope to the hopeless, God joined me to Redeemed of the lord Evangelism church. While I was there, the lord used me to open different branches and opening prayers alters.

I decided to vacate town and proceed to villages where we performed some wonderful works with the village pastors. While there, I had voice which I believed it was God’s voice telling me to wake up and proclaim the word of the truth and he gave me John 8:32. When you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. I decided to put carpentry aside and concentrate on serving God for the rest of my life. Since then, I traveled from the village to town with nothing to start with. But since the Lord is wealthy and merciful, he blessed me with some trustworthy people with whom we started the Center for hope in Christ ministries.

From then, God has taken me through a furnace, tested me and endured me through tough moments like I cannot forget the days when I lost my four children and that reminds me of the verse in Psalms 66:10-22.God doesn’t use vessels that he has not tested but in all He has brought to me a rich fulfillment. He has given me a ministry, two sons, one beautiful daughter and a wonderful loving wife.