Pastor Yiga Michael

Pastor Yiga Michael, founder of center for hope in Christ ministries has been in ministry for almost two decades. The lord called me when I was in the days of my youth in 1989.I worked with the Masaka Christians fellowship where God used me mightily in the area of prayer, evangelism and intercession, and in the year 2002, I was elected by the leaders/pastors from Masaka District to be their representative for the revival prayers in the city of Harare Zimbabwe. From there, God used me so much in opening prayer alters and in that signs and wonders were happening. I went ahead with my carpentry while serving God too.

Since the lord called me to give hope to the hopeless, God joined me to Redeemed of the lord Evangelism church. While I was there, the lord used me to open different branches and opening prayers alters.

Kiira Kampala Uganda